Future leaders don’t wait.

They become Asda grads.  

Discover a graduate programme full of once-in-a-lifetime opportunities.

Our wonderful Asda Graduate Programmes. They’re a brilliant introduction to an exciting and rewarding retail career. After all, you won’t just be given top-notch training in our Asda Academy. You‘ll also get proper hands-on experience to help your passion flourish into expert knowledge and an understanding of the industry. Setting you up perfectly for a chance to do something amazing.

“Like what?” you ask. Well, our alumni folder is brimming with success stories. Let’s have a look.

One former Asda Graduate is now soaking up the sun (and working incredibly hard) as the Vice President of Grocery Home Shopping for Walmart, California. You’ve also got the Vice President of Merchandising, in Walmart Canada, who began their career on the programme.   

Of course, that didn’t happen overnight. But that doesn’t mean you’ll be sitting around waiting for opportunities. In fact, some of our more recent Grads are already making a huge name for themselves.

One got three promotions in a year, becoming the youngest Asda Store Manager in the country. Another was made Project Manager to Head of Trading. We saw one be promoted twice in a year and a half to become a Buying Manager, looking after a £300million+ category of products. And we even have one of our Graduates taking on the role as Project Manager to our President and CEO Andy Clarke. It’s something we do each year, so it might be you one day.

Think bigger. Live better.