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Enactus Bangor Welcomed as the Newest Team on the Programme

Enactus UKComment

We are very pleased to announce that on Monday 25th January Enactus Bangor were welcomed as the newest team to join our programme. The team completed all on boarding procedures, and over 50 students have started working to improve lives through entrepreneurial action. They are currently working on several projects - aiming to reduce food waste, recycle wasted plastic and help unemployed individuals in Bangor. The University of Bangor has been a great support for the team, even before officially joining the programme – they already have 3 central university advisors, with a further 7 members of staff providing support. Funding has been given to the team to pay for travel to training events and start up for their social enterprises. 

"Enactus plays very much to the strengths of Bangor University" said Vice-Chancellor Professor John G Hughes “The concept of transformation through collaborative social action remains a core value of Bangor University, and we are delighted to support the establishment of Enactus Bangor by our students."

We are very pleased to welcome Enactus Bangor to the Programme and wish them every success in their projects. The team can now progress to compete in our Rookie League at the Enactus UK National Competition on the 11th and 12th April in Hammersmith.

Andrew Bacon, CEO of Enactus UK and Professor John G Hughes, Vice-Chancellor at the University of Bangor signing the Enactus MOU.