How is Enactus UK Acting for the SDGs?

During Global Goals Week 2018, here at Enactus UK we are reflecting on everything we do in our day to day lives to make the UN’s 2030 sustainable development goals a reality. We believe everybody has a part to play big or small and everyone should be making small changes in their day to day lives to #Act4SDGs.

Tom - Programme Improvement Manager, Midlands

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Recycling in the correct way is a big deal to me. I recycle everything! In Bristol Waste recycle food waste into electricity and put it back into the grid, which in a way is upcycling to make a product out of a previous product. I have a separate bag for my food waste and put it in the right recycling bin every week. If you don’t do this; more waste is going to landfill (that’s more fuel and resources being spent to move it), when the food is decomposing it produces methane that goes into our atmosphere contributing to climate change. The poles are melting and the reefs are dying.

Think twice before you put your food in the landfill bin.

We are creating the future, so let’s create a future we want to live in.

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Callum - Programme Improvement Manager, Wales & South West

I’ll always make sure that if that if no recycling bins are nearby I’ll hold on to any rubbish I have until I’ve found some. Only a small thing in the day but everyone takes the time and effort to recycle we’ll be on our way to answering SDG 12 & 16!

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Indy - Schools Programme Manager

I try my best to ensure that I always switch off the lights, when I can & need to! It may be a small action but it has a massive impact on the environment around us when we waste electricity & tend to overlook how it contributes to climate change. It is found that energy is one of the most dominant contributors to climate change, accounting for around 60 percent of global greenhouse gas emissions alone, as reported by the UN. It’s something that everyone can consciously try to do & contribute towards meeting SDG 7, 12 & 13!

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Kat - Engagement Manager

But I take my metal reusable water bottle everywhere and fill that up in cafes instead of buying individual bottles – I like to prepare my lunch for work (if I’m out of the office that day) either in the morning or the night before. This means my food for the day is prepared in a Tupperware box which saves on buying a meal deal out and all the packaging that comes with it!

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Hollie - Operations Director

There are so many things you can do every day which once it becomes a habit are really easy to do, cutting down on plastics are really important to me, I don’t use plastic straws, always carry a reusable water bottle and a shopping bag rather than picking up a new one each time.

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Lizzie - Digital Engagement & Events Manager

I think it is really important to be aware of how wasteful we all are with things that we take for granted in the western world such as clean fresh water taps, making sure you fill up the sink when your washing the pots or turning off the tap while you’re cleaning your teeth or conditioning your hair might seem like small things but they really do add up when you do them once or twice a day! Not only would you be making a small step to saving the planet, but watching your water bill go down at the same time, its a win win.


Next time you’re brushing your teeth or throwing something in the bin, think about what you are doing to make the world more sustainable and achieve the sustainable development goals.

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