Preparing for Nationals: A rookie perspective…

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Enactus PCL are a brand new team this year with 53 active members in our team giving us a real kickstart to the Enactus programme at Pearson. We are thrilled to be a part of this years nationals, competing for the first time and we can’t wait to see and learn from all the amazing things all the teams have been up to!

Being a Rookie Team, regionals was the first times we have received feedback from judges…we realised we had a lot to learn! From our point of view the Enactus way of presenting, and understanding what the judges are looking for was totally new to us, but we have embraced the challenge and preparing for nationals has given us a chance to learn about the way we gel together as a team, giving us an opportunity to learn how each member can bring something positive to our team and enable us to perform at our best by bringing all of us together; especially with the presentation, as a team we can collaboratively bring everyone's creativity and visions together.

As we are a big team we have a large range of skill sets which means that everyone can get involved within our presentation even if that individual isn’t presenting. This first year for us is such a crucial learning point and we have found it highly beneficial to get feedback from our peers which resulted in us implementing feedback sessions where we present in front of the entire team to gain constructive feedback from our peers so we can improve and find out what our strengths and weaknesses are , this has also allowed everyone in our team have a say in how we represent them and team culture we have developed this past year. Our BA’s feedback has been imperative to us and they have been able to help us improve by providing us with insightful feedback to help us reach for the standard of other Enactus teams, as a new team this has been significant to our growth

Here at PCL we have developed a team culture that encourages members to step in and get involved wherever possible, this has enabled us to delegate and split up the tasks so as many people as possible have benefitted from the learning experience preparing for competition has been.

Our CRE Lily Meanwell on how she feels this year has been: “What a year! I have learned so much in such a short space of time. I have grown as an individual and have met so many incredible through the Enactus network. I am so proud of the team as they have achieved so much and I can’t wait to see what next year brings Enactus PCL”

Lastly, We’d like to say good luck to all the other teams competing this year, let’s all go out and smash it!

Katie Line, Pearson College London

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