How are Enactus UK Alumni Changing the World?

Nikki Hawkes - Founder, Marafun Events

Enactus Southampton Alumni


What did you do immediately after uni and how did you decide to do it?

As my degree was in Economics and actuarial I became an actuarial Analyst, it seemed like a very logical next logical step! 

What was it that made you change your career?

What made me change was that I missed having likeminded people around me like I did in Enactus, I won’t lie my team set a pretty high bar! I felt like there wasn’t a connection between my contribution to the business and a bigger goal. I did enjoy the analytics and got a lot of valuable insight and skills, but the company culture was really flat. 

How is Marafun changing the world?

Marafun is bringing together fitness and fun, putting it in the same picture and showing people that you don’t have to sacrifice one to have the other. 

What do you see as the future of Marafun?

The future of Marafun is to create a series of experiences for people looking to push themselves to new physical limits with their fitness, while bringing a social aspect to it. Fitness shouldn’t seem like a chore or a tick box to get rid of, but something to boost your well being, happiness and fitness.

How do you stay connected to the enactus network, and why is it important to continue to nurture young social entrepreneurs?

I stay connected with my old uni Southampton through mentoring and the network as a whole through its competitions. I would have never had the confidence to try something on my own had I not had help, advice and pieces of ‘do not do this’ style advice. Nurturing is SO important!

Ioana Andrei - Founder, Femship

Enactus KCL Alumni


Tell us a little bit about what you were involved in during your time at Enactus KCL?

I was the corporate relations executive at Enactus KCL and I was also a founding member of Light Mountain. One of the biggest pieces of advice I would have for Enactus students today is to just get out there and test out your idea. I remember lots of long nights when we started Light Mountain where we had so much research but we were struggling to design the best solution. It took us a while but when we got out to test our first prototype everything just clicked!

What have you been up to since graduating?

Upon graduating I started working in management consulting and also did an acting degree. Now I am looking to move away from that into more entrepreneurial ventures, starting a new product role in a fintech and also launching my own venture, Femship.

How is Femship changing the world?

Femship aims to empower women around the world. Confidence and self-belief is not something that we are taught to have, and this is an area I would like to fix. Femship brings together a network of like-minded women who can help each other break down barriers through a digital platform.

How has Enactus helped you in your journey to creating Femship?

Enactus has made me terribly independent and given me that self-belief that I now want to pass on. Also,by better understanding empowerment and sustainability, I want to allow women all over the world to support each other, as that is more impactful that me trying to help every individual.

To sign up to Femship network and workshops, go to

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