What's Next After Regionals?


Enactus being a global organisation attracts a diverse group of students to participate in the program. The journey of each Enactus student is different but the objectives we aim to achieve are the same, to help improve the lives of people in our communities all while preparing ourselves to be the next generation of socially responsible leaders.


As a new member of the Enactus Community, many students will be working with their team to help improve the lives of less advantage communities. A couple of weeks ago, every team will have been involved in Regionals where they shared their team’s progress over the past year. Congratulations to teams that have qualified and will be presenting at Nationals, we all look forward to watching your presentations.


However, for teams that haven’t made it through, don’t despair as Nationals is more than just the competition. It is an event that is filled with endless opportunities, from being a source of inspiration to helping you build a network of professionals which you could seek advice from.


With a collaborative mindset, meeting like-minded individuals and sharing ideas could spark the next project that your team could potentially be presenting at Nationals next year! It is a time to learn and a time to celebrate. Take this opportunity to watch other teams present and pick up their best practices. Being a student, managing both studies and Enactus commitment is not an easy feat and it is time to celebrate all your achievements and every step your team has taken this year to get you to where you are today. The more involved you have been with Enactus in the past year, the more you will have gained out of it. At the end of the day, it is not all about the result, but the journey and friendship forged along the way.


Take this opportunity to widen your network and broaden your horizon. I Look forward to meeting you all at Nationals and taking back some fantastic ideas to incorporate into my team!


Emma Chu – Enactus Surrey

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