Enactus Nottingham attends AIG CogX

CogX was a hotspot full of knowledgeable people who have travelled from all over the globe to be there. Whoever you spoke to would have likely been a founder of at least one company and everyone came in with the common goal of talking and learning more about AI and the future of technology.


We attended many talks about many topics such as:

  • The ethics of the future AI system

  • How AI is being used to stop cyber attacks and how it will be used by cyber criminals to invent more sophisticated attacks

  • How AI can be used to improve health and well-being of individuals in need


I could talk a lot about all the interesting things that the panels said and have insight on, but the most relevant and interesting one to what we do at CodeX was a talk about the future of education which had a panel (and audience) of very passionate people wanting to change the education system. Many good points were made, for example how education is something that people feel is inflicted on them whereas it should be a joyous process of learning and learning how to learn. Instead, schools are stuck in a one size fits all system where teachers don't have the time to alter their teaching to each individual's needs as they already spend around 60% of their time on administration, and where the students can't perform as well as they could not because they are incapable, but because they are stressed out by the examination process where failure on a high stake exam changes their life; ridiculous as failing is the best way to learn.


This talk had many ideas and presentations about how AI can be used to teach students in a more bespoke way. I was interested how such a system would measure progress and achievement without using an exam - an issue that we have also come across at CodeX. The founder of the AI teaching system responded saying that it's all about moving away from high stakes examinations and towards smaller stakes mini assessments throughout the course of learning the content. Me and Ash have had ideas as to how to could implement this into CodeX so that we have better data to show for our students learning which would help us sell our services to new schools.


Another lady we met was part of a council and is able to give out grants for up to £2000 for community based projects. She had never heard of Enactus, and she was interested in getting in touch and talking through the process of how we could get such a grant. This could apply to multiple of our social enterprises at Enactus, not just CodeX. She also talked to use about looking into the Prince's Trust as a way of funding - for example towards CodeX shirts so we look more professional, or CodeX business cards to spread the word. 


It was also amazing to see that the CodeX name was recognised by a couple of people that we spoke to. It's hard to talk about everything because there is just so much but I tried to cover the things that stood out the most for me. A huge thank you to AIG for providing us with a ticket to attend the CogX conference."


- Ash Sobhani, Enactus Nottingham  

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