Enactus UK Celebrates Youth Social Action Day

Across the UK, young people are taking action to make a difference, using their energy, skills and ideas to change society and the environment for the better. Youth social action is an opportunity for young people of today’s generation to make a difference within their local community and to work together with others to solve pressing social issues within the environment around them.


We held our #NextGenLeaders Project Den in Nottingham today, which coincides with I Will’s Youth Social Action Day! Students started the day presenting their social action projects which address issues such as homelessness, single use plastic waste & food poverty present in Nottinghamshire. They received one to one project development support from business advisors from one of our corporate partners, Enterprise Rent-A-Car to members from our Enactus Loughborough University team. It was great to see each student interact with their advisors and to receive practical feedback, which they could take with them to help develop their projects. 


The students teamwork skills were also put to practice, where they got involved with interactive activities to help them develop as a team and to learn more about each other. As cliché as it may sound, teamwork makes the dream work and it is essential for members to work together to achieve their goals both within a project and within a personal context.


It was very inspiring to see students so passionate about wanting to make a positive change within their community and listening to how hard they have worked throughout their #NextGenLeaders journey this year.


Today we are celebrating Youth Social Action Day by recognising the great work our NextGenLeaders are doing to make the world a better place for us to all live in.

If you want to join the NextGenLeaders Program, contact us here to find out more about how your school can get involved.

 - Indy Sira, Schools Programme Manager

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