A Massive Thank You To Our Alumni Mentors This Year!

Enactus becomes such a huge part of students lives while they are at university that more often than not they just don’t want to leave! And luckily for them, they don’t have to, they can join the Enactus UK Alumni Network and get involved with networking and professional development events as well as giving back to the alumni programme by supporting at training events throughout the year, judging at our regional and national competitions and becoming a team mentor.

Every team has a vast support network from university staff to corporate business advisers but the person who understands most what an Enactus team goes through in a year is their alumni mentor. Their expertise is tackling issues is so valuable to teams, who to show their appreciation nominate their mentor for the Alumni Mentor of the Year Award each year at nationals, here is what some of the nominations had to say…

During this Enactus year our team faced internal issues that we did not know how to address. Joe suggested to bring the team together through general meetings, where everyone in the Enactus Kent team participates. We have now started bi-weekly general meetings, and we are proud to say that our team dynamics and team work has massively improved as a result.

Ahead of handover, Peter has already expressed his interest and personally met with the leadership team for next year. By meeting with them he has given them vital tools and top tips for the upcoming year. Peter has a commitment to the long-term success of Enactus Loughborough, his enthusiasm for the team achieving its goals is unmatched among any other alumni this year.

Scott Anderson has helped Enactus GCU with a more professional approach, but it is with his ideas and passion that he inspires others around him to think innovatively and out of the box. He has been a mentor to the team, and provides a safe space to be honest about your challenges, always with a positive spin at the end. He helped us with an approach for dealing with stressful moments; do, drop, do later, which we use this as our basis of discussion when evaluating what the team should focus on.

If you have recently graduated from the Enactus programme and would like to give back to yours or other Enactus teams, apply to be an alumni mentor today HERE!

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