8 Things to do to be ready for freshers

Freshers is just around the corner! Make sure you don't let any potential new members slip through the net by being prepared... Here are our top ten things to get ready before freshers: 

1. Freshers fair stand - A lot of universities don't just let you show up you have to book your table! Make sure you know how much room you are going to have at freshers and plan your activities accordingly. 

2. Social Media - Are you asking new members to follow your page? Make sure you're active during freshers week, the more exposure you have online the more likely someone is to remember when and where your intro night is, you can pre-schedule all of your fresher's posts using Hootsuite or a similar social media marketing tool.

3. Leaflets - Do you hand out leaflets at freshers fair? Maybe you have a stack in the careers office or the business school office, get them up to date, check out the marketing area of the resource centre to find everything you need to make your marketing materials really stand out at enactusuk.org/training

4. Train your members - Get your committee together before freshers and make sure they all know what your top selling points are and what their jobs are going to be during freshers

5. Update your website - If you list your committee on your website make sure the names and pictures and contact information are up to date so you are recognizable. And, if your union has a list of societies or a mini-site for your team get that updated too! There's nothing worse than losing members because you gave them the wrong email by accident...

6. Lecture shout outs - Contact the lecturers early and send them slides to help with your presentation, if they haven't heard of Enactus the slides will give them a bit of an intro which will help them endorse you speaking in their lecture. Print out a sign-up sheet and pick it up at the end of the lecture, that way if students have questions they have time to ask you at the end of class. 

7. Write your welcome emails - Don't just send a hasty reminder that will get lost in their mailbox, make your welcome emails stand out, use pictures, links to your website and social media and remind them what you actually do. You can write all your emails in advance then just copy paste into your email later or go one step further and use MailChimp!

8. Book in time to see your PIM - Freshers is a really busy time for us here at Enactus UK, if you want help from your PIM at freshers, training your members or just a read through of your intro night presentation, get in touch with them ASAP!

We hope you found our checklist useful, if you get all of these things done in time for freshers week you should be off to a fantastic start to the year! Good Luck!

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