A Year In The Life Of A Rookie Team - Part 1

To be honest, coming from a rookie team, I did not know what to expect when to the Leadership Summit, my main aim over the two days was to focus on positive experiences and meeting interesting people from the other teams. The most useful part of the event was the presentation about building effective teams which contained a lot of practical and useful tips. Referring to practicality - in my opinion - the strongest point of the training was a solid dose of knowledge all of the speakers possessed and shared. The content being delivered from different perspectives allowed me to build a broader viewpoint, I left the training feeling richer.


One of the most useful topics for me was the team building as it gave me many interesting ideas. I learned, among other things how to use transparent rules to avoid political flurry, how to save time by writing dynamic job descriptions and how to appreciate the contribution of other people by using strategic ideas sessions. This first-hand advice is worth its weight in gold. Thank you to our alumni for sharing their experience!


In my opinion, there toughest part of the event was the lack of breaks, there was little time between sessions to relax – there was so much content, a game of basketball or dodgeball could be introduced to achieve a better balance between the mind and body.


If you are wondering what I’m excited about this year, now the initial excitement is over I am eager get to work. I am motivated by the need to provide useful solutions and derive great satisfaction from working on a project, taking action, completing tasks to go towards developing helpful solutions


Lastly, my personal goal for my time with Enactus and going forward. I have a grandmother in Poland who suffers from dementia, I will try to help her fight the disease using the techniques I learn as a member of Enactus. For now, it's our project “after hours”, but who knows where it will go!


Leo Senzos, Enactus Hull


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