Enterprise-Rent-A-Car - How to use ENACTUS effectively in the interview process

From working closely with ENACTUS as both a BAB advisor and now CRE mentor it is clear to see that students are tremendously hard working, have a strong competitive spirit and see the bigger picture with the aspiration to give something back to society. These unique developed skills can help to elevate you in the increasingly competitive job market, here is how:

Online Application:

Employers are increasingly focused on extracurricular activities whilst you are studying at University. Why? Because it demonstrates ability to multi task, be committed, as well as self-motivated to personal development. Please remember, that not all organizations are aware of ENACTUS so a brief description is advisable, along with key responsibilities and achievements obtained, and why ENACTUS is important to you. There is often a section to list extracurricular activities, if not see how you can work ENACTUS in with examples of key competencies (Teamwork/Leadership/Communication).


As graduate recruiters we are increasingly focused on students who can demonstrate leadership and effective teamwork skills. Whether you have been a project leader, are part of the executive committee, or have ownership for part of a project, these are unique examples of how you can show ownership, as well as worked in a project team. Consider how you delegate responsibilities, follow up and measure success. These are all key indicators for future internship and graduate opportunities. Interview stage is a great opportunity to demonstrate how you are able to juggle University studies with an ongoing society commitment. Do not be afraid to include the number of hours you commit to ENACTUS to provide context, graduate recruiters highlight a strong work ethic as a key differentiator.


ENACTUS is a key tool to differentiate yourself in the recruitment process. It is fundamental you are able to sell ENACTUS concisely as well as being able to demonstrate how you personally have made a difference.