Enactus UK Commercial Innovation Challenge

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Celebrating the entrepreneurial spirit that forms the backbone of a strong Enactus team. 

Enactus UK is committed to supporting the development of successful ‘commercial projects’ as part of a sustainable team project portfolio. Our aim is to increase awareness of the importance of generating revenue through commercial activities to support team and project sustainability. 

As part of this we are pleased to announce our inaugural Commercial Innovation Challenge launching this Enactus year to recognise and champion the entrepreneurial capabilities of teams throughout the Programme. We will offer newly established commercial projects grants of up to £500 that generate revenue for the team in a sustainable and scalable manner. Some examples might include: 

  • The creation and consistent sales of a product(s) 
  • The delivery and consistent provision of a service 
  • A replicable and profitable series of events 


This competition is open to all teams with a newly established commercial project (must have been established Enactus year 2017/18). Projects will be assessed against an entrepreneurial criterion measuring Innovation, Scalability and Profitability

Find out more information on the project here

To apply,  head over to the Enactus UK Resource Centre, log in using your teams login details and find the Grants and Competitions page where you will find the competition page which will give you more information as well as how you can apply. 

Please contact your Programme Improvement Manager if you have any questions.