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Our corporate partners play an essential role in advancing our work to improve lives, strengthen communities and develop socially responsible business leaders while realising the business advantages that come from being a part of the Enactus network. It’s a partnership that provides a valuable platform to deliver your responsible business objectives, as well as the opportunity for employee engagement, access to top talent – the next generation of responsible business leaders, executive networking and brand awareness.

Why you should get involved

Engage your Employees

Year-long volunteering opportunities include – team, project and personal mentoring, hosting student training events or delivering on campus training, as well as judging annual regional and national competitions.

Recruit Top Talent

Our network of students is always looking for employability opportunities and you will have unique access to the next generation of socially responsible leaders to recruit top talent on campus, during Advisory board meetings and at Enactus events.

Collaborate with the Network

Through multiple national and regional events during the year, you have the opportunity to collaborate and network with talented university students, academic professionals and business executives; to support the next generation of responsible leaders, share experiences, best practices and build brand awareness.

Find out who our current Corporate Partners are here!

Find out more:

To join our community,  e-mail our CEO Andrew Bacon who will be pleased to present our range of opportunities.