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In 2013 there were 514,000 adult and juvenile offenders, 136,000 of these re-offended within a year. On a local level, North Yorkshire has a 25% re-offending rate and York in particular a rate of 29%. Government research shows that the re-offending rate of ex- convicts who secure employment within 12 months of leaving prison is less than half that for those who don’t. Importantly however, finding employment is incredibly difficult for this needs group, and is the real source of the problem, 2 years after leaving prison only 15% will be employed, and some 47% will be on some form of benefit.

We were shocked by these statistics, and knew we could start a project looking to work with this needs group and bridge the gap that no one else was willing to, to help these people.

 Therefore, CrossRoads aims to:

- Reduce reoffending rate

- Boost employment

- Encourage Good health and well-being

- Empower beneficiaries to become independent


CrossRoads aims to decrease these statistics by providing employability, personal and communication skills, so ex-offenders are more equipped, and confident in their own experience and abilities to better their chances of employment moving forward.

We do this through our training programme, which includes: cv workshops, and both a mentoring, and personal development programme. The courses will be created and tailored to the needs of the ex-convicts and the charity we work with, and we will work closely with each individual to tailor the support they need. After each individual has completed the course, we look to provide work experience in a variety of roles, whilst also helping each individual pursue longer term employment in a sector of their choice.

CrossRoads is still only a few months old, but we’re delighted to have secured ITC sponsorship from Ernst & Young, Wilkinsons and ASDA that will enable us to continue to develop and build this project. We’re excited to see what CrossRoads can do in 2017 and beyond. 

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