Launched in October 2017, Wearth London is an online department store which makes it easier for UK consumers to shop in a more environmentally and socially conscious way. Wearth have partnered with over 30 independent UK brands who have strong sustainable and ethical values. They have a range of departments including natural beauty, jewellery, homewares, furniture and gifts and they support UK makers with their store with around 90% of the products made here in the UK. 

The e-commerce start-up was co-founded by Ed Davies who was an Enactus member and Team Leader of the Enactus Durham team in 2016. The idea behind Wearth came from the difficulty of easily finding brands online that aligned with their values, even though there were some great conscious brands out there. Wearth brings together these small independent brands under one modern easy to use website, creating a new platform for these brands to grow. 

Wearth is committed to reducing plastic pollution by keeping the amount of plastic used to a minimum and they inform the customer exactly what packaging has been used for the product and postage. They have also created a new innovative way of shopping whereby their customers can shop by certain values. For example, if they want to shop completely plastic-free or products only made in the UK, they can use this part of the site to do so.