Seeing Opportunity

The project is set in Slough, one of the most ethnically diverse towns in the whole of UK. As a large number of refugees and asylum seekers in Slough have yet to attain citizenship, they are prohibited from being employed, thus resulting in a slower and more arduous integration process. The main organisation in Slough; Slough Refugee Support, has acknowledged that most refugees tend to have troubles getting integrated into the community/acquiring a job; quite often because of the language barrier.

Taking Action


This project focuses on creating personally tailored programs for refugees with an end goal of successfully employing them. During one-on-one interviews the Enactus RHUL team aim to determine any forms of aid that refugees might need. Some of the means of help might include English language lessons, basic IT skills, help in finding volunteering and work opportunities and help with connecting people into a support network.

Eventually, the team are aiming to create a platform, providing newly arrived asylum seekers and refugees with a tool-kit to assess their potential needs and worries. As the principal goal, E-Fugee has set forth the idea of essentially improving the lives of refugees, getting them settled into the community and ensuring that every refugee has an equal opportunity for work.

6 team members working with the project partner Slough Refugee Support to are aiding in setting uo interviews with the beneficiaries. The university's Somali Society are also providing the team with translators. 


Tackling the following United Nations Sustainable Development Goals:

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WILKO - Sustainable Entrepreneurship Stage 1

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