Emily Pither

Previous Enactus University: University College London

Current Role: Assurance qualified senior

Organisation: EY

I joined Enactus UCL at the start of my 2nd Year at University after visiting their stall at the volunteers fair. I was part of a consultancy project team which advised a local community centre on how to improve the profitability of their café. I studied physics at UCL so this gave me my first real insight into businesses and how they work. In my final year of university I was the Treasurer of Enactus UCL, as part of the committee I also helped out with the welcome fair, the selection process for new members and social events.

In the summer of my second year of University I applied for EY amongst other accountancy firms. EY really stood out for me because I had met several people who worked at EY as business mentors through Enactus, who also helped me with my application and gave me helpful hints about the recruitment process and the culture at the firm. As I didn’t study a business related degree, I often mentioned Enactus in my interviews as it was a perfect example of how I’d gone above and beyond my degree to pursue a subject I was interested in. Enactus also provided me with the team working and to an extent the leadership skills which I definitely still use in my job today.

I decided to become a business mentor to the teams because I wanted to stay involved with the great things the Enactus societies do. I also wanted to help give students advise on their future careers as I know how much my involvement in the society helped me with securing my job with EY.

My Enactus highlight is probably attending the National competition and seeing the breadth of the projects Enactus societies do across the country and the world. Attending the yearly Grantham training is also one of the highlights of the year.

I think Enactus as a student helped me with my communication skills in a professional environment as well as learning about business as a whole, especially as I did a science degree. Since becoming an Enactus business advisor it has helped me in terms of my coaching abilities and my confidence in talking to large groups.