Lake Malawi in Africa is significantly over-fished. This is the main source of income for citizens increasing the risk of these individuals falling keeping into poverty. Fisherman in Malawi fish using Paraffin fuel which is very expensive, meaning fisherman often make little, to no, profit.

taking action

The team designed a solar-powered fishing light, creating a cheap and environmentally friendly light source. Installing solar panels on the roof of a community entity, they created a rental business for these lights. As the lights are cheaper to rent, this reduces the fisherman's costs and means they can catch less fish yet  still make a profit.

enabling progress

The team have transformed a whole community, empowering 70 women to become entrepreneurs, increasing the incomes of 290 fisherman by over 35% who as a result can now afford to send their children to school. Increasing the GDP of the community by £20,000.