Enactus UK is growing again this year and we are now hiring. If you love Enactus and you have something special to bring to the team, then we want to hear from you. We always aim to recruit graduating Enactus students to bring fresh ideas and energy to our team.  We have a number of full-time roles and we are always keen to build a bank of people interested in joining us.



You can now apply formally for any or all of the following four full-time roles:

  • Engagement Manager
  • Programme Manager
  • Digital Engagement & Media Manager
  • Charity Fund (Raising) Manager

You will find more detail on each role below.


benefits and application process

Please e-mail Andrew Bacon, abacon@enactus.org, your CV and choice/s of the role/s you wish to apply for by the end of Friday 24th February. If you apply for more than one please explain your preference. Please send whatever insights into your abilities and capabilities you wish. 

Please impress if you want one of these incredible development opportunities. That means make it easy for us to want you to work with us. Do your homework and be prepared. 

The starting salary for each role is £18K per annum with 20 days paid holiday, paid travel expenses and a contributory pension. The salary increases after year one based on performance. We provide you with a personal mentor from one of our sponsor companies. 

We will get back to you by the 28th February to arrange a meeting at one of the Regional Competition events or a telephone/Skype interview.  Please be proactive as we are looking for organised people who are proactive and good at communication.

I am sorry that, even though we looked into it, we are not an organisation authorised by the Home Office to sponsor students in need of a work visa to work in the UK post graduation.



  • Receive an unconditional offer in April 2017
  • Work flexibly from home
  • Gain lots of variety (no week is ever the same)
  • Start in June
  • Benefit from priority access to all Enactus World Cup events around the world
  • Benefit from networking and training programmes with Enactus world wide colleagues
  • Will receive the support of a senior level personal mentor
  • Gain high level visibility with all our sponsors up to board level. Most past Enactus UK staff have have gone directly to work for companies they could not access at graduate level
  • Experience a personal and professional development journey like no other, but you must be capable of the job and be willing and able to take feedback fast and act on it. You will get lots of support but these roles are not to be taken on lightly!


positions available


The EM is responsible for the quality of sponsor company engagement with teams and the management of the Individual Topic Competitions, as well as for the development and training of sponsor volunteers and team CREs. The EM takes the lead in the design and delivery of all student employability training and events.  Key skills are planning, communication and training delivery.  This role is perfect for anyone interested in a career in general management, customer account management, customer service, finance and sales/commercial activities. You will be a very visible member of the team in front of all of our corporate partners and board members.


The PM is responsible for the development of teams and their projects, as well as for the communication and engagement with teams on all matters to do with programme requirements such as mandatory reporting and competition management. The PM takes the lead in the design and delivery of all team improvement and support activity as well as delivering training and coaching events. Key skills are planning, communication and coaching.  This role is perfect for anyone interested in a career in general management, programme management, finance, and any leadership role requiring the conversation of strategy into plans into measured improvement.


The DEM is responsible for the quality and level of stakeholder engagement within and outside the Enactus Community, as well as for the development all training programme content and media. The DEM takes the lead of the design and delivery of all social media activity, website development and on-line training courses.  Key skills are planning, content collection, media management, web design and maintenance.  This role is perfect for anyone interested in a career in communications, PR, media, design, learning and development.


The CFM is responsible for the delivery of high quality funding proposals to global and UK Charity Foundations and UK/EU Government Funding Sources.  You will work closely with the CEO and the Board of Trustees in engaging and building relationships with stakeholders across the sector. Key skills are planning, communication, proposal writing and presentation.This role is perfect for anyone interested in a career in finance, general management, customer account management, customer service and sales/commercial activities.


Contact US

For any questions feel free to contact Andrew Bacon at abacon@enactus.org