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About Enterprise-Rent-A-Car

Add an annual turnover of more than $16.4 billion to a rental and leasing fleet of over one million vehicles spread across 8,100 locations worldwide and you get Enterprise Rent-A-Car – a business that’s grown into the largest car rental company in the world. Something else is for certain too –we owe our success to everyone from our senior managers to management trainees.

We firmly believe in empowering each of them to make the decisions that will affect their work and their career. This philosophy, along with our uncompromising commitment to customers, is what has made Enterprise a genuine success story and a truly special place to work. 

Just imagine the possibilities that come with joining an immense business with the type of personal, entrepreneurial approach which lets individuals stand out.

Our secret lies in the fact that we're divided up into thousands of smaller, local businesses. So when you take one of our trainee graduate jobs, you'll be learning how to run the business yourself. And how many organisations with a $16.4 billion turnover can say that?

As for tomorrow? Rest assured – with the plans we have in place, our future is set to be a bright and rewarding one. And, as an Enterprise management trainee, you’ll be one of the new generation helping us write the next chapter of our success story.

Graduate Opportunities

If your dream is to one day number amongst the best in business, you need to talk to the people who are already there. After all, we’ve developed a business with a global turnover of more than $16.4 billion, plus 3,400 people in the UK and Ireland alone.

Our Management Training Programme is just as exciting. For a start, you’ll be surrounded by one of the friendliest, encouraging and ambitious teams around. They’re the kind of people who aren’t just out to do well for themselves either – the fact is, they’re totally committed to going the extra mile for each other and our customers too. Perhaps that’s why we’re consistently recognised throughout the industry as a leader for quality service.

As well as working with and learning from a great team, you’ll also benefit from an excellent range of training and development opportunities as you embark on one of the fastest routes to management around. And while the challenges can be tough, you’ll find we believe in having fun too. Because when you’re happy, we know that you learn more and progress faster.

At Enterprise, we have careers that could take you anywhere. Find out more by visiting our website.

Internship/Placement Opportunities

If you’re already planning a successful career in business, you should make that all important first step with us. After all, we’ve plenty of tips and pointers to get you off to a flying start.

As a paid intern with Enterprise Rent-A-Car, you’ll learn what it takes to run a successful business while acquiring valuable skills and experience covering everything from fleet management and marketing to profit and loss analysis and sales techniques. And you’ll be learning by doing too, taking on the same challenges as our first and second year full-time professionals.

From a few weeks over the summer to a year-long placement, we can offer plenty of flexibility with regards to how long your internship lasts. There’s plenty of scope for promotion too, including the chance to work your way up from an intern into a professional role when you graduate.

At Enterprise, we have careers that could take you anywhere. Find out more by visiting our website. 

Why your company is interested in Enactus Students

We love working with Enactus because of the increasing need for students to know that employers look for more than just a degree. Joining and being an active member of university societies such as Enactus can give you those skills – such as business acumen, leadership, teamworking and communication (as well as many others) – that employers look for in the graduates they want to recruit. Your involvement will give you practical examples for you to talk about at interviews and assessment centres. What’s also great is that you get to meet and network with prestigious graduate recruiters from across the UK who sponsor Enactus.

CSR – What can people in the company get involved with

At Enterprise we integrate we encourage our colleagues to volunteer for community causes, charities and other initiatives that our customers, business partners and employees support. And through our Enterprise Holdings Foundation, we are able to support charities further with financial contributions. Whether it’s organizing ‘bake offs’ for Cancer Research UK, jumping out of planes to raise money or helping to renovate a local community centre, there are plenty of opportunities to get involved in.

Enactus Sponsor Champion and Talent Acquisition Manager talks about his experience with ERAC and offers some advice to students.

Application Process

There are four main steps in the application process . The first one involves filling in an application form. If successful, you’ll have a face to face interview with one of our recruiters. The third stage is a branch visit where you spend a day with us to help you get to know us better. The final stage with be an assessment centre day.

Current Opportunities

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