A day in the life of a Graduate - Enactus uk alumni blog

My name’s Edd Batchelor and I work at EY having recently graduated from Reading University where I studied Business Management and Administration. Whilst at Reading I led our Enactus team, was heavily involved with The Duke of Edinburgh award and held down part time jobs supervising a few of the university bars. Outside of that I’m a keen cyclist and enjoy good food and drink.

Tell us about your role?

As a graduate analyst in Corporate Restructuring, I am working as part of a close knit team to grow my knowledge of the insolvency process whilst working towards my chartered accountancy qualification. The Restructuring team work with banks, creditors and other large stakeholders to assess the performance and commercial viability of a business and then action the identified possibilities. Ultimately we look to either support the business to get back on track or, for insolvent businesses, will take them through administration and liquidation processes. Of these areas my experiences so far have focused on the insolvency processes.

What is a typical day like for you?

There isn’t really a typical day as each is different due to the nature of our work and the demands of our clients.  But to give you a taste, my day typically starts at 9:00 when I get in, check emails and catch up with the latest developments on the news feeds. I’ll then spend the morning completing trading activities for the businesses such as addressing creditor queries and completing employee pay, purchase orders and payment runs etc.

I normally grab lunch with the guys from my year, which is a great way to catch up with friends and to hear about what everyone else is up to and will then spend my afternoons supporting the team with whichever tasks are needed. A few recent examples would be preparing interim dividends, organising rent payments and producing elements of a creditor report. A particularly interesting case has been related to the transfer of employment rights and emoluments during the sale of a business.

My day usually finishes between 5:30 to 6:00 after I complete some of the extra activities which I am involved with such as researching companies for Entrepreneur of the Year, helping to organise campus events and supporting the local charity team’s entrepreneurial initiatives.

Why did you choose EY?

I knew I wanted a career in finance and to gain an internationally recognised qualification so I was naturally interested in the big 4. But during the application process EY really stood out due to their international focus, strong growth ambitions and commitment to the development of their people. Since joining in September 2012 I have undertaken a great variety of work on a range of projects and have been strongly supported with my involvement in all aspects of the company; from graduate recruitment to the Entrepreneur of the Year competition and Enactus.

How did Enactus help you?

I stumbled onto Enactus by chance when a friend recruited me into the team and never looked back. I was initially involved to gain experience and make myself stand out when looking for gradate jobs; but I quickly realised the personal and professional benefits of working with a close knit team to overcome challenges and empower others to improve their lives.

Throughout the job application process I used countless examples from Enactus to demonstrate almost any skill the employers asked for, and am proud to say it was pretty much all I talked about during my final round job interview for EY.

I am still regularly involved with Enactus through the alumni network and am lucky enough to be supported by EY as a Business Advisor for several local teams.

Any words of wisdom for those considering an application to EY?

In my mind I was able to secure my role as I had been very active in lots of extra-curricular activities and part-time work. These have enabled me to demonstrate and give plenty of examples of the skills which top firms seek. Aside from that, do your research so that you really understand the company, their market and your prospective role. 

Good luck!