fabric of life

queen mary university of london


This project came about through our initial research into international communities and through our thriving relationship with our Project Partner: Babuvuka Allstars Foundation. Through this we identified the following staggering statistics for Uganda.

- Prevalence of poverty within Uganda: 94% of Ugandan youths living under $2 a day

- 12% living on a stall income.

- High Unemployment within the country.

- Lack of creative and education spaces to allow Ugandans to explore their passions

Our team had a passion to do something that would help increase the creativity in Uganda as well as create more employment opportunities



Fabric of Life is addressing the multiple barriers young Ugandans are facing in starting and sustaining livelihood opportunities, whilst fostering global citizenship and cooperation between Uganda and the United Kingdom (UK), empowering youth to unleash their dreams and revolutionize the Ugandan fashion industry.

Fabric of Life will be providing our young Ugandan aspiring fashion designers with access to industry mentor-ship from Ugandan and UK fashion designers, enterprising and marketing skill-building workshops, leadership training and financial support.

Notably, we are creating space and capacity for our aspiring fashion designers to pass on their knowledge to our youth-at-risk community; through simple textile product development workshops, we hope to foster a journey of self-discovery and life purpose amongst our designers, whilst increasing the impact of the programme by creating capacity for the youth-at-risk to create livelihood opportunities, thus creating sustainability and longevity from the activities delivered. 

We are currently working on a trial period and hope to expand this in the very near future.


key Statistics

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7+ Directly Impacted

21+ Lives Improved