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Tonnes of fresh produce in the UK is sent to landfill – costing the industry £400-500 million annually. The bulk of these perishables are fruit and vegetables, which are distributed in excess or have been rejected purely for aesthetic reasons. Food Intercept saw these challenges within the “food cycle” as an opportunity to engage our community in creating value from wasted natural assets and introduce an element of sustainability within the supply chain.

To address the issue of food wastage, each week, an estimated 20 kg worth of fresh produce is collected from Coventry wet markets to create value-added products, such as jams, cakes and ice creams. The aim is to transfer the skills required for this process to beneficiaries that can benefit from the sale of the finished products. Ongoing efforts to do so are being made with disabled people in Canley Community Cafe.



Food Intercept tackles the issue of food wastage by collecting ‘undesirable’ perishables still in edible condition from Coventry wet markets and prevents a large amount of food wastage by the vendors. The food is then used to create value added products through the help of handicapped or disabled individuals in Canley Community Café. As these individuals have disabilities, they often face discrimination in employment and the project helps to improve their livelihood and ease their way into employment. We also employ the help of experts in food production to work with the students and the beneficiaries of the project to ensure safety in the production process. After selling our food, the leftovers are also donated to Coventry Food Bank.

We have collaborated with our beneficiaries to cater for several events in the University of Warwick, including Warwick Finance Society’s CV Clinics and RAWKUS: Rethinking Waste’s Campus food event.

We are currently collaborating with Canley Community Café and employing their expert help in food production in order to aid our beneficiaries in a safe manner. We are looking to expand our collaboration with local cafés in Canley and with societies on campus. Our presence has also expanded on campus through our collaboration with the Warwick Accommodation Team for the Food swap project in order to reduce food wastage and increase awareness of this issue amongst students. 2 potential beneficiaries also signed up in our needs and wants assessment in the Coventry Refugee and Migrant Centre.


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