Fresh start

university of leicester


Our target audience are people from disadvantaged backgrounds in Leicester such as the homeless. Leicestershire has a high level of homeless respective to its size, ranking in the top 10 in the UK; however, little is being done to combat this problem. The needs assessment with our beneficiaries showed that the City Council currently offer limited services delivered through homeless shelters and homeless charities although do provide support during the week days, are unable to do so on weekends.

Furthermore, there is limited food supply for disadvantaged, homeless individuals living in poverty over weekends since food banks and charities operate only during the week. In addition, our research showed that every year 18 million tonnes of food waste are produced in the UK, a third of which comes from retail markets. Our project therefore combines the need for reducing homelessness and food waste through an enterprise called ‘Fresh Start’.



As the City Council is limited in what services it can provide to homeless charities, we developed a project which will employ the homeless to create smoothies and soups utilising food waste and recyclable materials. The employees will run the delivery, sale of these goods to local businesses in the Leicester area and run a van at our university which will provide access to our products to fellow students. This would provide the beneficiaries with a stable job, a living wage and help educate them on the running of a business.

Furthermore, as there is limited food available to the homeless on weekends, we intend to operate the sale of the soup pots on a buy-one-donate-one basis, so for every soup bought, another will be donated by us for free to those in need. By donating soups and smoothies during weekends, the project will add value by providing meals to beneficiaries while other organisations are unable to.

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