Board of Directors

Our Board of Directors includes senior leaders from a wide range of industries and companies. The Board help to guide and direct Enactus UK in our strategic growth and development.


Directors of Enactus UK Trading Ltd.

Chairman, Enactus UK Trading Board

CEO, Enactus UK

Operations Director, Enactus UK


HR Director, Tesco

Group HR Director, Unite Students

Recruiting Leader UK & Ireland, EY

Managing Director UK & Ireland, Enterprise Holdings

Vice President Human Resources, McCormick

Commercial Director, ASDA

Vice President Marketing, Unilever

CFO, Capital One

Vice President Global Solutions, KellyOCG

CFO, JellyFish

Digital Director, Wilko

Stuart Mitchell

Andrew Bacon

Rosie Connolly

Geoff Godwin

James Goodman

Ruth George

Dan Richards

Khaled Shahbo

Melanie Williams

Richard Dent

Noel Clarke

Neil Herbert

Samantha Smith

Chris Lee

Sean Emmett