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I joined Enactus because I wanted to put some of the skills to test that I had been learning within my course. I joined half way through first year, and Enactus has helped me grow as an individual. Completing a placement and having Enactus to talk about during graduate interviews helped me stand out from the crowd. I am confident in team working, presentation skills and leadership thanks to Enactus. Helping people in communities close to the University and overseas makes you feel valued as you can see the impact you are making.

Enactus has improved many of my skills, and mostly importantly my confidence. Being a project team leader, and Corporate Relations Executive (CRE) has helped me engage with a variety of people and professionals. During interviews I had so much to talk about which employers loved! I cannot speak highly enough of my journey throughout Enactus. It helps the students that join, as well as the beneficiaries involved in the project. There are a million reasons why people should join Enactus and improve their skills!

At Diageo I am on a 3 year graduate scheme. We have 3 year-long placements in various areas and functions so we get to know the business. I am currently working out of the international supply centre in Glasgow working in procurement.  I am working within the glass category and have an insight into the volume and scale of our operations. Next year I will be moving onto a production site where I will take up a role within manufacturing excellence and team leading. This will stretch my skills set and knowledge even further. I am also lucky enough to be working on the project team with the Enactus partnership!