Enactus UK CEO Andrew Bacon pledges support for #iwill campaign


Entrepreneurial spirit and the experience of social action is a key component of responsible leadership development and increased employability for all young people. It might just be a fundamental attribute of a more productive and progressive economy.

We know from evaluation and evidence that Youth Social Action brings positive benefits to society as well as to the individual’s employability, character and wellbeing. Enactus in the UK aims to develop the next generation of socially responsible leaders and entrepreneurs by working with as many young people as possible, by increasing the number of high quality opportunities available, by ensuring social action is inclusive, and by helping young people develop a love of social action and the change they can make especially where previously organisations have failed.

Access to high quality experience and development opportunities to all young people of all backgrounds is important. The difference between valuable volunteering and high impact social action and enterprise is increasingly evident in the way that young people in the Enactus programme are transformed in their abilities, awareness and ambition.

As we await the Government’s announcement of its next Industrial Strategy, those of us involved in the consultation process, hope that the recommendations on the importance of universal access for young people to opportunities to experience Youth Social Action remain prominent. We hope key recommendations to Government survive on the importance of the role of educators to make entrepreneurship education accessible alongside activities to develop the entrepreneurial skillset of all young people, regardless of the subject studied.  The change makers of tomorrow deserve all we can do to support them.

The Enactus Programme provides a platform for students to get involved in Youth Social Action, developing Social Enterprises which create sustainable solutions to society’s biggest challenges. We work with 3,000 young people each year in 59 locations around the UK supporting 228 social projects which last year improved the lives of over 7,400 people.  Our international projects supported 28 countries across the world and a total of 202 new jobs were created through Enactus UK projects!


Enactus UK Students pledging to support the #iwill campaign

Enactus UK Students pledging to support the #iwill campaign