International Entrepreneurship Educators Conference 2017


Enactus uk AND ENACTUS GCU WERE DELIGHTED to be asked to present at this years International Entrepreneurship Educators conference

Entrepreneurs from around the globe gathered at Glasgow Caledonian University for the first International Entrepreneurship Educators Conference (IEEC) to be hosted by the University. The event celebrated enterprise, start-up companies and social innovation.

The conference theme ‘Enabling Enterprise for All’ engaged educators from around the world in discussions around the opportunities and challenges of developing enterprise and entrepreneurial skills and attributes for all.

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Enactus GCU students Thomas Bertlome, Jenny Styrman, Laura Hein, and Roma Shafiq presented alongside Dr Alec Wersun on learning through social innovation. The students also addressed delegates in the Glasgow City Chambers, where they discussed entrepreneurship in action with Glasgow communities.

The Enactus GCU members took an part in a workshop, demonstrating how effectively a student-led group can make positive change and be enterprising in the local community.

They spoke about their project, the Missions Kitchen; a chutney and preserve enterprise. The Enactus team partnered up with the Glasgow City Mission to create, market and sell a variety of jams and chutneys in order to develop beneficiaries' independence, confidence and employability skills. The overarching aim of the project is to support the clients of Glasgow City Mission in their efforts to live an independent life in the community.

Student Roma Safiq encouraged every student to get involved. She said: “You can be an engineer, a lawyer or a business student. You will learn from it and grow from it by stepping outside your comfort zone.”


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Enactus UK ran a session during the conference explaining how the Enactus programme provides practical enterprise education for University students.

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The key topic was 'How best can we support students, staff and business to access enterprising activities?'. Enactus strives to say that students should experience enterprise/entrepreneurial learning as an integral part of their higher education rather than as a ‘bolt on’ whether intra- or extra-curricular. 

"It is clear that graduates will have to adapt to change with the rapidly evolving world of work, by equipping them with valuable skills through entrepreneurial education Enactus UK will ensure that they are resilient and will have the creativity and ability to respond successfully. In the UK today, 25% of students start up a new business whilst studying for a degree, many of these are social enterprises – hopefully the Enactus UK programme helps them to be successful and gives them access to social enterprise experts and practitioners", Rosie Connolly, Enactus UK. 

Like Enactus UK, participants were also asked to consider how universities and colleges might work more effectively with schools to achieve a more integrated approach to enterprise education at all stages of a child or young person’s educational path. This is the question Enactus UK is asking and a strategy we are fast developing.