Mali is one of the most deprived countries in the world, it is ranked 5th in 2016 within the lowest literacy rate countries. The fragile and slow recovery of the education system in Mali is a consequence of the 20-year under dictatorship. Furthermore, we identified that 57% of the teachers were not qualified enough to be good teachers (2013).

But that is not all that this West Africa country faced, Mali is land-locked with 57 percent of its area in the Sahara Desert. Access to clean water is difficult due to the country’s uneven geographic distribution of water resources. With 30 out of 100 people without access to safe water and 76 out of 100 without adequate sanitation, Mali need an intervention to better its citizens’ life.



Our intervention is IQRA which is an international project based in Mali, West Africa. The project is contained of 3 sub-sections: Education, Sanitation, Environment. Currently, the first 2 elements sub-projects are running.

Project breakdown:

IQRA Learn:

An education sub-project that aim to primarily help unexperienced teacher and secondarily to aid unprivileged children. We do that by first fulfil the gap of skills of those teacher, while at the same time put them into practice by teaching the unprivileged children. Once a cycle finish, the teachers can hopefully have enough experiences to look for a state-job and the children to return to the scholar education.

IQRA Life:

A sanitation sub-project that aim to provide the school and further the village with access to soap and clean, recyclable water.

Part 1: Soap production (awaiting confirmation)

Part 2: Hand washing station

IQRA Life’s hand washing station contain a drainage and filtration system with the core of bio-sand filter. The station is to filter and reuse water for the purpose of hand washing.

We have much more to do and we can't wait to see what the future holds for this project.


key Statistics

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4 Lives Improved