IQRA is an international project based in Mali, West Africa. The project consists of 2 sub-sections: Education and Sanitation. Both with a mission of respectively trying to improve the literacy rate of Mali which is currently at 33%. 

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IQRA LEARN is a project that focuses on giving teachers from both rural and urban areas the necessary skills and resources; through 6 month training programmes to give children a better education. The future plan is to create the opportunity for the teachers to sell the training programmes and make an income from this as well as making more teachers better equipped.  

IQRA  LIFE aims to improve the sanitation of school children in Mali. This will be carried out through the installation of a functioning water filtration system at a rural school. This potentially will improve the health of many school children and therefore reducing the rate of school absences and in turn contributing to them receiving a better education.

 4 beneficiaries have secured a work placement and 8 people have been directly impacted through the whole IQRA project. 424 children are now also receiving a better quality of education. Project Facts:

Tackling the following United Nations Sustainable Development Goals: