Kuljeet Singh

Enactus University: Glasgow Caledonian University

Current Role: Corporate Relations Executive (CRE)

Internship Company: Enterprise Rent-A-Car

My summer with Enterprise Rent a Car has been incredible, one of the best summers yet! I have always been the kind of person who wants to do productive things with my time to better myself for the future and Enterprise seemed great to me, as although I was only a first year they still accepted my application and didn’t treat me any different to any other applicant. I didn’t know what the summer was going to anticipate; but not once did I expect to go on the extreme learning curve and personal development journey that this summer had in store for me. Not only have I had fun during this summer but built up so many of my capacities making me a better student and CRE.

My communication skills have excelled, learning how to adapt my communication style to different personalities. Furthermore, my sales background was pushed to its max and I worked hard to finish top of the branch in figures. This has seen me into Elite Club which is a reward for finishing in the top ten in the monthly employee performance matrix for the whole of Scotland and Northern Ireland. This shows how much of an impact you can make in such a short space of time. I was also given a lot of ownership during this internship and an insight into management. This came from leading the in the sales and corporate sides of the business which lead me to be a sales and corporate captain for my branch.

Overall, the biggest thing I will take away is work ethic as I never knew I could work so hard until this internship pushed me past what I thought was hard work! The highlights have been the incredible learning experience and growth as a person, the fantastic people I met and finally, it was also nice to be rewarded for hard work. This included the trophy I was awarded at the Summer Intern Awards for having the best outside sales which meant I excelled in the corporate side of the business. I realised how much the skills and experience I gained during my first year in Enactus helped me through the interview process and during my internship, e.g. leadership, time management, communication. I was also honoured to recently win ‘Best Intern’ at the National Undergraduate Employability Awards 2016/17.