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Household Air Pollution kills 20,000 people every year in Tanzania due to the use of harmful cooking devices that release toxic emissions.

These are also inefficient and consume a high amount of solid fuels, such as charcoal, leading families to spend up to 25% of their income on cooking fuel solely.

Women have little opportunity and support to develop their own business and earn on average 18£ a month, 3 times less than their male counterpart.  Us as a team saw an opportunity to create a product which not just provides the women in Tanzania a business but also provide a cleaner, less toxic solution to the cooking problem out there.




To face those issues, LightMountain introduced the Clean Cookstoves. These are efficient cooking devices which critically reduce toxic emissions, lowering carbon monoxide exposure below the threshold imposed by the World Health Organisation. These stoves allow users to save time and money by halving fuel consumption and cooking time. We make these devices affordable even to the poorest communities through a 6-months repayment plan.

This allows users to repay us while still saving money on fuel. We created a cooperative of 7 young women entrepreneurs in the village of Mkuyuni, who work together to market and collect repayments. In collaboration with our partner NGO, we provide them with the necessary training and they are able to generate a significant income from the sales. If all repayments are collected we invest our profits into a local development project, which works as an incentive for village leaders and entrepreneurs to fully commit to the success of the project.

So far, we have distributed 80 clean cook-stoves, increased income of our entrepreneurs by up to 100%, in addition, we are invested some of the profits into sanitation projects in the area we are working in. We have plans in the very near future to expand our operations into new areas in Tanzania increasing our impact even further.


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7+ Empowered

7+ Directly Impacted

400+ Lives Improved