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The Edinburgh Candle Company is a social enterprise developed by the Enactus team at Edinburgh University. They provide a platform for long-term unemployed women to develop their skills and gain an income by making and selling candles from home.

Through the project, the women they work with learn how to manage their supplies and accounts and gain skills in marketing, sales and product development. Additionally, the team organises employability workshops and offer support to the women with theirs CVs, cover letters and job interviews.

The candles are hand poured using high-quality fragrance and 100% natural soy wax, which burns 3x longer than standard paraffin wax and emits zero CO2 emissions. Using only unbleached cotton wicks, the candles come in 5 different scents in 30cl glass containers. All materials are sourced locally and are all vegan, GMO-free and created without any dyes or enhancers.

Prices start from £8


Care package co

Sent with Love. Open with Care.

Care Package Co was founded by an Enactus Alumnus, they specialise in creating care packages that encourage Self-Care! They also partner with charities and medical experts to create Care Packages that make useful and thoughtful gifts to those who may be experiencing an illness.

One fantastic example is the Chemotherapy Care Package which was designed with a Cancer Services Charity to ensure all of the products in the package are chemotherapy friendly and then 20% of the profit from each package goes back to supporting the Charity. 

We have recently partnered with Care Package Co to create the student 'Changemakers' Care Package, designed to inspire incredible project ideas and promote self-care by including some lovely treats!

Prices start from £17.50



The WEcreate project team runs art therapy workshops in partnership with the Glasgow Association for Mental Health.

The project was developed by the Enactus team at Glasgow University. They run sessions to support beneficiaries who suffer from mental health problems. The art workshops and craft sessions helps these individuals by providing them with a creative outlet, allowing them to express themselves and interact with others. 

This year the individuals have been working to create beautiful Christmas cards, and have selected three designs to be this year's WEcreate Cards!

The profits from the sale of these cards will finance additional workshops and craft sessions.  

Price: £1 per card or 3 for £2.50