The UK has been declared the host country for the 2017 Enactus World Cup, a global competition for university students to showcase the community projects they have been working on.  The announcement was made during a special event at the House of Parliament.

Founded in 1975, Enactus is an international community of student, academic and business leaders.  Enactus members undertake projects which use innovative and entrepreneurial solutions to tackle a wide range of social needs including empowering diverse beneficiaries such as the unemployed, homeless, struggling businesses, immigrants and ex-offenders. These experiences not only transform lives, but give students the opportunity to step out of the classroom and develop skills firsthand and the perspective that is essential to leadership in an ever-more complicated and challenging world.

Every year a group of 3,500 student, business, government and academic leaders from around the globe assemble at Enactus World Cup.  In 2017 this prestigious group will gather together in London for Enactus World Cup 2017, for which KPMG is the global presenting sponsor, where they will experience three days of competition, collaboration and celebration.

Through the competition element of the event, attendees witness a showcase of the best Enactus programmes from each of the organisation’s 36 operating countries. This final level of competition is a culmination of over 70,500 university students on more than 1,750 university campuses around the world through a series of national events.

Last year’s winners, from North China Electric Power University in Beijing, encouraged their peers to “step out of the laboratory and in to the community” to set up a project which changed the lives of an entire village in Mongolia by developing a wind and solar hybrid generation system to help them step away from using animal dung as a dangerous fuel source.  The benefits to the village have been clear to see, they now have access to mobile phones, fridges to preserve their food, and the children of the village now have greater educational opportunities due to electric lighting which extends their study day, and access to television and radio to increase their knowledge of world events.  The original project team have also worked closely with the locals to train and hire individuals to manage repairs and new installations.

Andrew Bacon, CEO of Enactus UK said:  "At a time when we are all focused on transforming opportunities for young people, developing enterprise and supporting communities, this celebration in the UK of world class endeavours in all these areas comes at a very opportune time.  We look forward to hosting this unique event and seeing the results of our efforts to develop the quality and impact of the Enactus programme here in the UK in advance of the World Cup in 2017. I am sure everyone who takes part will see for themselves the scale and quality of employer engagement, youth leadership, volunteering and enterprise education involved."

Roisin Murphy, head of corporate responsibility at KPMG said: “KPMG are proud to sponsor Enactus and the extremely valuable work they are doing to engage students to deliver local and international community projects.  This not only benefits the societies they work in, but it also provides the students with skills they may not otherwise have been able to gain, such as leadership, entrepreneurialism, empathy and determination.  These skills are tremendously attractive to future employers and many companies actively target Enactus students as they demonstrate what is required to be a future leader”.

Enactus UK, an affiliate of Enactus Worldwide, is proud to have the opportunity to bring this prestigious event back to the UK. In 2001 the inaugural Enactus World Cup took place in London and the event has since been hosted in countries around the world including: Canada, China, France, Germany, Malaysia, Mexico, The Netherlands, Singapore, Spain, United States and this year in South Africa.