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Launching our #NextGenLeaders Campaign

19th-25th February 2018


We are here to change the world.

To inspire and support students to innovate together.

To think in a new and challenging way to solve the issues that affect thousands of people all over the world.

To build lasting, positive change. To make a genuine difference.

To work together to create the next generation of leaders.

The 2018 Enactus UK #NextGenLeaders campaign is dedicated to showcasing how young future leaders within the Enactus UK programme are developing as the next generation of responsible leaders active in Youth Social Action and Youth Social Enterprise.

#NextGenLeaders are inspiring, innovative change makers. They create genuine lasting impact thorough improving the lives of people all over the world.

To get involved during our #NextGenLeaders week, download our campaign pack here

To find out more about our Enactus leaders, read our Future Values, Future Leaders Report here.