Inspiring the Next Generation of Young Changemakers


Today’s generation and the next of potential young future responsible leaders is the largest the world has ever known. For the first time ever, the majority of people living on the earth is under the age of 30. One billion more young adults globally will begin looking for work over the next decade. However, many observers are asking why has this potentially huge source of talent, innovation and energy for change not translated into a stronger and more productive workforce? Why are we not seeing a transformation in responsible business? Where are all the change makers that we need to tackle the huge challenges that we face? Young people in education do not what to be educated – they want to be educated to change the world! The rest of us need to get behind them and ensure they succeed.

While macroeconomic conditions are improving in many countries, albeit unevenly, the employment picture for young people still attracts concern amongst those who are closely observing changes in the global work place. The changing shape of the world of work is catching young people out in terms of their preparation for work and the choices they make through education. Banks are turning into digital companies, entry roles are being replaced by automation, new jobs roles, organsations and enterprise models develop around us. Who would have thought five years ago that today, the largest taxi company in the world would not own any taxis and the largest retailer would not own any shops!


That is why Enactus UK is launching the #NextGenLeaders campaign. Our mission in the UK is to support the development of as many future young responsible leaders as possible, who transform communities and society through real life experience of youth social action and environmentally-responsibleenterprise. Enterprise is what surrounds all of us and entrepreneurship is the spirit of the change maker regardless of the role in society or subject studied in education.