Our in-kind partners provide us with resources to be able to achieve our mission. See below to find out more about our in-kind partners and what they do.


A key element of the Enactus UK programme strategy is to better align with the social sector in order to drive project improvement. Enactus UK are pleased to have secured the Royal Society of Arts as a social sector partner to support in this.

The Royal Society of Arts (RSA) is a 260 year old charity, which like Enactus works to bring about social change through practical action. The main way they do this is through a network of over 27,000 Fellows who come together to support each other’s work and projects.  As part of our partnership Fellows of the RSA will serve as social sector advisers to Enactus teams as well as support in the delivery of social enterprise training. In addition the RSA regularly host events across the country, Enactus UK and our teams continue to be a part of many of these.

For Enactus UK students and Alumni the RSA are pleased to offer reduced rate Fellowship, by joining the RSA Fellowship you can gain:

·         Support and advice for you and your team’s own social enterprise projects. This includes direct grant funding, kickstarter advice and mentoring

·         Extensive professional networking opportunities across the UK and overseas both in person and via our online network

·         Regular events across the country, and these include project pitches, networkingand social events

·         Access to our historic London building for use as a base, with wi-fi throughout it includes a library, coffee bar and restaurant

The RSA offers Enactus participants and alumni our ‘fast track’ application route to the Fellowship and a discount on our Fellowship fees.  This means that you don’t need to provide referees or pay the £75 joining fee.  You also receive a 50% discount on the annual subscription so joining the Fellowship costs just £7 a month (or £84 a year) rather than the usual £243.

Joining the Fellowship is simple and more information and a personalised application form can be sought from Adam Myers (adam.myers@rsa.org.uk).  Adam can also talk you through the wider benefits of the network and the RSA’s work and give you a tour of the facilities if you are in London.  

For more information on the RSA check out:  https://www.thersa.org/