Did you know that by working on your Enactus projects, you are already gaining valuable skills for a growing profession? The art of creating, planning and completing a project with a team can be translated into a great career as a project manager. PMI, the world’s largest leading project management organization, has partnered with Enactus to help power your success.

Project management professionals can be found in all industries, all over the world, from construction to healthcare to information technology systems. Project management skills are not only important for businesses wanting to achieve results, they are critical life skills that help guide change. Project managers are needed to bring projects to fruition such as bringing education to children in remote communities, leading the development of a new aerospace technology, saving a struggling ecosystem, and many more opportunities to truly change the world.

As the global workforce expands, the skills you have gained through work on your Enactus projects will help you stand out among other candidates in your education programs and, later, in the job market. 

PMI’s UK Chapter can show you how your involvement with scoping, planning, budgeting and implementing Enactus projects can be turned into a meaningful career. 

“PMI UK Chapter truly values its relationship with Enactus. Working with Enactus has been a massive breath of fresh air. The passion, energy and sheer determination of the teams has been nothing short of awe inspiring. As Business Advisors we are able to share some of our project management experience with the Enactus teams, but there is no doubt we benefit just as much as they do from the experience!”
— Chris Field, PMI UK Chapter Member and Business Adviser

As you begin your project management journey, PMI and the UK Chapter can help power your career through a vibrant network of industry professionals and stimulating events and meetings. Other career-boosting benefits include an industry job board, access to tools and templates on, and the ability to advance your career—and boost your salary—with world-recognized certifications. You can gain a competitive edge by earning the Certified Associate in Project Management (CAPM)® while still in school so you can hit the ground running upon graduation.

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