Rachel Munns.jpg

Rachel Munns

Previous Enactus University: Leeds

Current Role: Responsible Sourcing Advisor

Organisation: Tesco

With a degree in English Literature, a role in sustainability seemed unfeasible. However, Enactus provided the essential practical experience, skills and networks to enable me to foster my interests and subsequently secure my job as Responsible Sourcing Advisor at Tesco. I co-founded a project in Kampala, Uganda. A social enterprise and fully functioning pig farm, provided employment and development opportunities for youth affected by HIV. I learnt the importance of collaboration whilst developing my ability to project manage.

I went on to lead the Leeds team. With 60+ members and 6 projects operating both locally and Internationally, I was able to engage on topics such as regeneration, food waste and re-offence. I began conversations with Tesco about their work on ethical trade and responsible sourcing at the Enactus UK National Competition and joined the Responsible Sourcing team at Tesco in 2016.

In my role I focus predominantly on human rights within our global food business, engaging on a broad range of topics from Modern Day Slavery to Child labour. Tesco acknowledges its responsibility to respect the human rights of colleagues, customers, the people who work throughout their supply chain and their communities. Our human rights strategy seeks both to ensure decent workplaces in its supply chain, and to support and improve the lives of vulnerable communities linked to it. For example, recently returning from a trip to Cote D’Ivoire, I was able to gain a better understanding of the challenges facing cocoa farmers and their communities and the benefits and limitationsof current sustainability initiatives working to support them. From this, in collaboration with colleagues and industry experts, I have been able to further develop our strategy for responsibly sourced cocoa.