When you partner with Enactus you are gaining access to some of the most experienced, skilled graduates from all disciplines at 59 universities in the UK.

What are the top skills students develop?

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We teach Enactus students how to think outside the box and design innovative solutions based on the need they are working towards solving.

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Enactus students work with business partners to develop their projects, they also learn presentation skills and confidence through competition.

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Enactus is a student led organisation and can be up to 200 people strong. Enactus students learn how to be good leaders through practical experience.

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Enactus teams could not build their projects alone, they work together with their alumni mentors, business advisers, project partners and beneficiaries to achieve success.


Key Statistics About Enactus Students


What subjects do Enactus students study?

We work with approximately 3,000 students every year, as an enterprise society on campus the majority of students study business. However, Enactus attracts and brings together students from all disciplines and teaches them to work together

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Gender of Enactus Students

62% of Enactus students are female, with 25% of those students studying STEM related subjects

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Meet Charlotte…

Charlotte recently graduated from the University of Nottingham where she was the Local Projects Director of the Enactus Nottingham team and on graduating went to work for our partners: Amazon, as a Brand Specialist.

She found out about the role at Amazon during our National Expo in her first year at uni and built her relationship with Amazon as a result. She attributes her success during the interview process to the leadership skills she gained through being a part of Enactus.

Charlotte says “I learnt how to have a backbone, lead meetings and understand corporate relations so much better because of the roles I had in Enactus. I learnt how to channel being a people person into having strong networking skills.”


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