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Rosie Davis

Enactus UK Alumni

Enactus Team: Enactus Southampton

Current Employer: CHEP

Current Position: Customer Solutions Analyst

The 2018 Enactus UK National Expo is just around the corner and it will be my 5th time attending but I am just as excited to be attending this year just as I was attending my first nationals back when I was a fresher! It is hands down the best event of the Enactus year and I encourage as many of you and your fellow team members to attend. The National Expo is a hive of excitement, energy and passion for impacting the world we live in, in a positive and sustainable way and there is definitely something for everyone.

If this is your first year in Enactus, it is a perfect chance to experience the whole of the Enactus UK programme and learn lots about what makes a successful team and project. Be inspired, soak it all in and get involved as much as possible.

If you are about to step up into a committee/project leader role you can learn from the best teams and projects in the UK and see what fresh ideas and inspiration these can give you as you enter summer action months and the start of the next academic year. What can you do differently to see your teams projects up on the final round stage next year?

For those of you graduating this year make the most of this chance to network with fellow graduating students, alumni and employers and learn how we can support you as you enter the working world. The Enactus alumni network is amazing and I would thoroughly recommend joining. Come and sign up at the alumni stand at the Employability Fair.

For myself & fellow alumni, the National Expo is a time to reconnect with our old teams and see how they have progressed this year, whilst also giving us the chance to give back by judging the presentations and offering support and encouragement to the teams we have mentored this year.

Business advisors & Partner Company judges are always inspired by the students’ energy and amazing projects. After an Enactus event, my colleagues at CHEP always return to work with an extra spring in their step and are encouraged to achieve as much at work as you all do alongside your studies.