Educating For The Future of Work

Sam Smith - Vice President Global Solutions, EMEA, Strategic Sales Lead - KellyOCG

Sam Smith - Vice President Global Solutions, EMEA, Strategic Sales Lead - KellyOCG

Many young people are coming into the world of work, unprepared for the challenges that lie ahead. Schools often focus on preparation for University rather than the workplace and this is shaping both the educational process as well as the expectations of students and parents.

We know the way we work is changing. The future of the workplace is evolving. Fast.

Education needs to keep up. Supporting young people through the transition from learning to working by focusing on key skills for future success. This means the education system and our perceptions of it need to change to better reflect the world we live and work in. 

The Degree Factor

Many employers look to graduates as a premium pool of talent but does that mean we are missing out on potential stars of the future?

One of the biggest factors in the likelihood of a university education is a person’s social and economic background. This means that a huge amount of potential talent is passed over because of a lack of access to higher education. Employers are spending substantial amounts on inclusivity and diversity programmes but the fact is, that by this point in the process, a huge amount of talent has already been excluded from the selection pool.

Goals for Education

It’s vital that our education system applies a more agile approach to educating our children and young adults. The STEM challenges we face today will only grow and evolve as we move forward. This is before we consider the new jobs and skills we may soon require that don’t exist today! A flexible and responsive education system is the only way to face up to these future challenges.

The majority of large UK and international employers now see themselves as digital or tech companies. The finance and banking sectors provide a great example of traditional employers that have shifted towards a digital mindset. The future workforce must be prepared to join this brave new digital world. Education should provide the resources and expertise to allow young people to approach this new landscape with confidence.  

The Employer of the Future

Employers face a challenge. A challenge that needs to be brought to the table by both educators and the government. Employers must take steps to create an agile and inclusive approach to connecting talent to work. They must create better channels for identifying and nurturing the workforce of tomorrow. 

In turn, our education system has to make significant changes to better prepare students for the world of work. It has to become better and faster at identifying and closing gaps in the system, taking full accountability in its role as an incubator for future talent. It must prepare future workforces, leaders, managers, and operators for a hyper-connected, digitally enhanced world that is rapidly becoming both our reality and our future.