Enactus For Schools 

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The Enactus for Schools programme will be launching in both Leeds & Nottingham this year.

We have partnered up with Leeds Beckett University for our regional programme in Leeds and Capital One for our regional programme in Nottingham. We intend to support and encourage schools, teachers and parents to focus on achieving better outcomes for both young people and communities, while providing a free of charge and accessible co-curricular activity programme, which coincides with each student’s learning journey throughout their time at school. 

Our programme aims to be completely inclusive, along with it being co-developed with the support of students, teachers, businesses and alumni, which will help towards ensuring that the content we deliver is relevant and meets the direct needs of the varied individuals we will be working with. An integral part of the programme will be to facilitate a positive team work environment, which will be achieved through the annual competition we aim to run to provide the opportunity for students to present their innovative ideas to tackling pressing-issues present within their local community. The programme is not about putting young people in situations where they might feel socially exposed or physically at a disadvantage, but in a team environment where everyone has a role and a contribution.



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