SE:me (Skills and Employment lead to Meaningful Empowerment)


Seeing Opportunity

The problem of homelessness is a huge issue in Glasgow which has one of the highest rates in Scotland and the UK. In the short-term, homeless people need money to afford essentials like clothing and temporary accommodation. In the longer term, they need help to find a permanent home and job. Some lack finance skills, such as basic budgeting and personal finance, and employment skills, such as CV writing and interview skills. 

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Taking Action

SE:ME is aiming to run different skills workshops for these people in areas including budgets and interview skills. To meet their short-term needs, the beneficiaries attending the workshops will receive an electronic money card. Enactus Glasgow aim to eventually work with local businesses, such as supermarkets, hostels and laundry facilities who will be able to scan the beneficiaries card to check the balance, enabling the beneficiary to access essential goods and services. The public will be able to donate money online through a website and later on in the progression of the project donate via a mobile application. 

The hope is the electronic card will lead to less isolation from society for the homeless as well as allowing them to have access to all essential goods and services. 

6 student members putting in 100 volunteer hours to work together to make this project happen. 

Tackling the following United Nations Sustainable Development Goals:

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