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Seeing Opportunity

The Enactus Essex team decided that they wanted to empower former sex trafficked women by providing career platform for them to start their own businesses in Ghana. This came about as the main focus for these women from conversations with a project partner and speaking to the beneficiaries themselves.  

Taking Action

Working with a project partner the team have decided to run training programmes. From speaking to their beneficiaries, the idea of opening a bridal shop came up after seeing the collection of skills from all the women in the group would work best in a bridal shop. There is not a bridal shop in the specific area currently. 

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The first beneficiary is expected to start the bridal shop business with the help of the project team in February or early March during which time the women will graduate from their apprenticeships. Three beneficiaries will join up to give full services in the bridal shop. In the future Finally, the girls are aiming to help other former sex trafficked women after generating stable income to train them to be under their apprenticeship in the future.

The team have executed two workshops so far in Entrepreneurship skills and will be delivering two more in December in English Essential Learning and Financial Management skills. They have also visited one village; Dumpong, to see how the other younger girls live every day. They also visited the local school and noticed a library with no books. They organised a book and stationary drive to collect unused books and school materials from university students aiming to provide reading resources for the children.

The project team are working with the A Ban against Neglect company in Ghana as their project partner for this project. 


Tackling the following United Nations Sustainable Development Goals: