university of edinburgh

project description

We aim to combat homelessness in Edinburgh by funding qualifications and training for young people who are homeless or at risk. Every week we run soup stalls on campus, making and selling the soup with disadvantaged youth and all the profits made are reinvested in funding qualifications and training for our beneficiaries in a field of their choice.

We contact these beneficiaries through our partner charity, The Rock Trust, which has been combating homelessness in Edinburgh since 1991.



Our programme is very simple:

- Each beneficiary runs 10 stalls with us, gaining more control over the running of the operation every time.

- Each time they work with us they get £5 in volunteer expenses and a free lunch.

- After running 10 stalls they earn more than £100 that we spend on supporting them in pursuing a qualification and employment. This can range from paying for a course to purchasing stationery and clothes for college to buying formal wear for job interviews.

After three years of operation the project has worked with eight beneficiaries. Out of the five who have already completed the program four were able to move into stable accommodation and/or employment because of it.


key Statistics


4 Empowered

8 Directly Impacted

8 Lives Improved