We asked two of our Enactus UK Programme Improvement Managers for their top tips to help you develop your projects during Summer Action! Here's what they had to say:

Imogen James- Programme Improvement Manager- Midlands and Yorkshire

  1. Engage with your project partners – whether this is by email, phone or in person, talk to them. It is so important to maintain a good relationship over summer and it will stand your projects in good stead in the long run.
  2. Get involved in your university town/city – find out what happens over summer, get involved in the markets and fairs, and make those local contacts. Find out why people go to your university town/city on their days off, what are they spending their money on, are there any events that you can get involved in.
  3. Talk to your network - it doesn’t matter if you’re not there in person but engage via email at the very least. You have a whole network available to you for you to use as much as you want. Use this network, drain it dry of information and resources because come September, time will be stretched and the network around you will be increasingly busy.


Indy Sira- Programme Improvement manager- London and South East

  1. Update your Needs Assessment – Summer is a great opportunity to prepare and organise your projects. An important process is collating relevant and useful quantitative data, in terms of the problems your project/s are addressing. There are various reports that can help; such as the Social Deprivation Index for your local area or subject specific reports issued by the local council.
  2. If you are struggling to come up with a project idea – Arrange a project ideation session with your team members. This serves a great initiative to collate all your ideas. Have you researched about the local community projects or social enterprises that are currently present within your local area? 

Don't forget you have a lot of people to help and support you. Get in touch with our Programme Team with any questions:

Callum Usher-Dodd, Senior Programme Improvement Manager, South West and Wales-

Olivia Davidson, Programme Improvement Manager- Scotland, Northern Ireland, North West/East   -

Indy Sira, Programme Improvement Manager, London and South East -

Imogen James, Programme Improvement Manager, Midlands and Yorkshire-