Summer action top tips!

We asked all four of our Enactus UK Programme Improvement Managers for their top tips for Summer Action as a whole and for going forward within the new Enactus year! Here's what they had to say:

Olivia Davidson - Programme Improvement Manager - Scotland, Northern Ireland, North West/East


1. Follow through on the contacts and networking you have been doing over the summer! Don’t lose those connections and utilise them to keep growing your network. It is important to use the connections in any way you can whether for projects or just general Enactus help. 

2. Use the deliverables you submitted during Summer Action to make sure you are on track for what you want to achieve as a team this year!

3. If you need help with anything, make sure you  keep asking your Programme Managers, its their jobs and what they are here for! They are on hand to help you with anything! 

Imogen James - Programme Improvement Manager - Midlands & Yorkshire


  1. Apply even if you feel like you won’t win – Enactus competitions aren’t all about winning and Summer Action is no different. It’s a chance for you to look back over your work over the last few months, review it and set yourself task lists for the year. It’s a great chance to get together with your team and really set out what you want to achieve over the next year.

2. Use the checklist throughout the year – it’s a great tool to use right now to review everything you’ve done but it’s also a great tool to refer back to throughout the next year. So maybe you didn’t manage to fill it all in, how do you make sure you are able to next time?

Indy Sira - Programme Improvement Manager - London and South East


1. When completing the application, approach it step-by-step and break down what needs to be completed for all four sections – Projects, Team Development, Finances and Support Network. It won’t seem so overwhelming then and it serves as a great opportunity to reflect on the progress the team has made during the summer and what is yet to be completed!

2). Involve all the team to contribute towards completing the application. It will serve as a great initiative to bring all the team together and to work towards a collective goal!  As they say, ‘Coming together is a beginning. Keeping together is progress. Working together is success’. 

Callum Usher- Dodd - Senior Programme Improvement Manager - South West & Wales


1. You probably will not have been able to complete everything on the Summer Action Checklists, but that is ok, you still have time to prepare. Hold a Summer Action review with your team, understand what you were/were not able to achieve and create a key priority task list so you and the wider team can make sure important actions are carried out before the madness of Freshers’ begins!

2. After the summer it is useful to provide all your support network (University Advisers/Business Advisers/Alumni Mentors) with an update of the work you have been conducting over the last few months so they are aware of what stage your preparations are at. This also gives you the opportunity to inform them all of the next steps and how they can support you to achieve them.

3. Make sure you celebrate! Be proud that your team have managed to get Enactus work done over the summer (no matter how much or little) as between all the holidays, internships, physical distance and time barriers you took positive action. All completed Summer Action work has put your team in a strong position, so make sure you bring your team together before the new terms kicks off and have a get together to recognise this achievement!