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Through our work with Glasgow City Mission we discovered the following information about homelessness in Glasgow:

- With a population of nearly 600,000, the amount of homeless applications for Glasgow City in 2015/16 was 6652 (data from shelterscotland.com), which is staggering.

- What we saw was that a majority of the public and the people who are homeless themselves were not aware of the support that is available to the homeless.

We wanted to do something about it and give the homeless in Glasgow an opportunity to make a living and integrate themselves fully back into the community. 




We have partnered with Glasgow City Mission to create, market and sell a variety of jams and chutneys in order to develop our beneficiaries' independence, confidence and employ-ability skills.

The overarching aim of the project is to support the clients of Glasgow City Mission in their efforts to live an independent life in the community. This is achieved by providing a 1:1 mentor programme to develop each individuals' confidence, improve their communication as well as good organisation skills. As part of this, the programme has a clear focus on understanding of how to run a successful social enterprise and work within a team.

We also aim to provide training to develop communication, organisation, and time management skills, along with cooking skills. 

We have had great success so far and have sold a large amount of jams and chutneys which has meant beneficiaries have been earning an income.


key Statistics

1 Empowered

5+ Directly Impacted

30+ Indirectly Impacted